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Op-Ed: Guyana – a land of many CoIs

unruly horse

The Commission of Inquiries Act empowers the President to commission an inquiry into any matter of public interest. Historically, this power was sparingly used. Whenever invoked, it was in rare and exceptional circumstances. However, under this Coalition Government, we are witnessing a wholly new approach. In 2½ years, we have ...

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Op-Ed: Gov’t discrimination against women in the Public sector at an all-time high


Of the 125 achievements advertised by the APNU+AFC Coalition government for its second anniversary, not one related to the status of women, youth or children in our society. Nothing was stated about whether there was any improvement in the lives of women and children in Guyana. These omissions are most ...

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Op-Ed: On Jordan’s preposterous move to talk up importance of manufacturing, other sectors while ignoring calls to remove burdensome taxes

irfaan jordan

The Minister of Finance, during his featured address at the GMSA’s dinner, spoke unctuously on the importance of the manufacturing and services to GDP and the economy. Having underscored the manufacturing and service sectors as key economic locomotives, but yet imploding the very same sectors with a slew of tax ...

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Letter: Granger’s rejection of 12 GECOM Chair nominees highlights befuddling state of affairs

The previous 12 nominees not accepted by Granger

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) – representing the country’s largest number of organized workers– joins with those other political, social and civic organisations, groups and persons to express our concern over President Granger’s obvious reluctance to choose a person from the two (2) lists, so far, ...

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Op-Ed: The Camp Street jailbreak and 21 questions for Ramjattan

The Camp Street Prison on fire

The Coalition government has been criticised for the paucity of information on Sunday’s (July 9, 2017) jailbreak. Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, has said that the fire at the Camp Street Prison, which flattened the facility, was a “distraction” for the jailbreak.

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Letter: Ramjattan continues to disgrace himself and betray sugar workers


I believe that Guyana needs our prayers and that we need to unite. That was my first comment about the events of Sunday night. But I will not allow Khemraj Ramjattan to get away with his abominable attack on SUGAR and sugar workers. He MUST apologize immediately to the sugar ...

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Op-Ed: Almost 24 hours later and authorities still have not given account for 1,018 Camp Street prisoners

What is left of the Camp Street Prison

The Camp Street Prison housed 1,018 inmates, according to the check by authorities on Sunday morning (July 9, 2017).

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Letter: Harmon must admit that he was wrong in saying that $300B was unaccounted for under PPP/C


I want to acknowledge what a great relief it was when the EU office admitted that its recent statement about its assistance for the sugar sector was in great error; that assistance was not G$ 348 billion as first asserted but just G$ 34.8 billion! There had been a decimal ...

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Op-Ed: IMF’s projected economic growth of 3.5 per cent must be taken with ‘a grain of salt’

Irfaan Ali

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has made projections about local economic performance. But one has to remember that the macroeconomic outlook projected by IMF is based on past economic performance.

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Op-Ed: The Guyanese people spoke at the 2016 LGE Mr. President

David Granger

President David Granger has said that the 2018 Local Government Elections (LGE) will show how the Guyanese people view the performance of his administration – all too soon forgetting that the Guyanese people have already spoken – at the 2016 LGE, less than a year after his administration took office.

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