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Letter: State Asset Recovery Unit/Agency – An Albatross on the Growth of Guyana’s Economy & Democracy

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Dr. Clive Thomas has been writing for decades about the Phantom/Underground/Parallel Economy in Guyana. Enumerating some fantastical numbers such as those penned in Stabroek News publication dated February 16, 2017 and captioned “SARU Defends Assets Recovery Bill – says country was bleeding $313 Billion per annum” and captioned in Kaieteur ...

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There is an abundance of incontrovertible evidence that authoritarianism has begun to spread its tentacles

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Fear is one of the natural consequences of authoritarianism. When the PNC dictatorship was in its heyday in the late 70s to the mid-80s, raw and naked fear gripped this land.  

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Letter: Edghill’s Wartsilla Contract figure was not the question nor has gross inaccuracy been shown

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We refer to the articles, “Edghill’s figures on Wartsilla are grossly inaccurate” in Stabroek News, “Minister David Patterson responds to Juan Edghill” in Kaieteur News and “Patterson slams Edghill’s statements on Wartsilla’s operation in Guyana” in Guyana Chronicle, all of 2017-02-17.

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Letter: GuySuCo giving us half-truths


The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) takes this opportunity to respond to a letter which appeared in the February 15, 2017 Stabroek News signed by  Ms Audreyanna Thomas, Senior Communications Officer, Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo).

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Letter: If Mr. Parker is still on duty as reported, why? Who is protecting him?


We wish to draw attention to developments in the matter engaging the courts involving Region 9 Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Carl Parker who is charged with sexual assault. Based on reports from members of the community and the Regional Chairman Mr. Allicock, via MTV nightly news, Mr. Parker is still ...

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Letter: Sugar under sustained siege – APNU+AFC intensifies its assault on sugar

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The ongoing SUGAR siege in Guyana has intensified. APNU+AFC has taken advantage of the population’s riveting focus on the Parking Meter scandal and spiraling crime around the country to accelerate the demise of sugar in Guyana. In the last week they quietly announced the shelving of first crop operations at ...

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Letter: The parking meter contract is one of the most corrupt deals in Guyana’s history


Given the expose, the Parking Meter Contract must be revoked, a bi-partisan Commission of Inquiry instituted immediately and, based on its findings, relevant charges instituted. The Mayor and others must resign with immediate effect and the Town Clerk fired.

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Letter: AFC has squandered its political capital and has fallen


On the second anniversary of the uniting of the APNU and the AFC to remove the PPP from Office, it is apt to speak of the AFC.

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Letter: Crime wave is ripping through Suddie


A crime wave is now ripping through the once quiet and peaceful location of my village, Suddie, Essequibo Coast, and the neighbouring environment, with the perpetrators posing a challenge to Police, with most incidents remaining unsolved, much to the suffering of the local residents.

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Letter: Gov’t policies will force foreign currency trade underground and force return of parallel foreign exchange rate

The table above illustrates two things; one a clear cases of currency devaluation and two a thread that illustrates all the conditions to deplete the net foreign reserves available to the banking system.

Since the Granger administration came to office, their economic policies have led to the systematic weakening of the system of respect for private property. The foreign exchange control regime just imposed on the licensed non-bank cambios is just the latest example of this dis-respect.  This will result in two things, ...

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