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Climate Change

Global Warming Threatens the Material Basis of the Global Economy

global warming

Climate change is likely to affect the global economy—and it may already have begun to affect raw material supplies from tropical regions, according to new research.

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To Combat Climate Change, Restore Land Ownership to Indigenous Peoples

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Even though Indigenous Peoples make up just 5 percent of the world’s population, their ancestral territories collectively span across 65 percent of the Earth’s surface. However, just 10 percent of that land is within their legal control. This discrepancy creates a significant gap in securing the human rights and political, ...

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First Mammal Declared Extinct Due to Climate Change, Scientists Say

rat gone

Climate change has claimed its first mammalian species, according to a new report by Australian scientists.

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The UN’s Weather Agency Warns of ‘Fundamental Change’ in Climate

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Pointing to data released on Monday that May was the hottest on record, the UN weather agency warned of “fundamental change” unfolding in the global climate.

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Stop financing coal energy projects, institutions urged

coal energy

International financial institutions should help the government promote the shift to clean energy by doing away with financing coal energy projects, an official of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) has said.

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Exxon climate vote failure underscores need for ‘cultural shift’ by investors


The failure of a shareholder resolution on climate strategy at the ExxonMobil AGM illustrates the need for institutional investors, especially large US asset managers, to become willing to challenge company management, the head of responsible investment at the £6.7bn (€8.4bn) Church Commissioners has said.

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