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Letter: Honeymoon period is long gone, Granger must to rise to the challenge and deliver for the people


Years from now, historians will put into perspective the transitional changes that began a mere year and a half ago.

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Letter: Budgets should pay more attention to the elderly and challenged persons

old ppl

One of the hurdles we need to address is our approach to the presentation and adoption of the national budget. The budget should be a proposal on taxation measures and expenditures, recommendations by a sitting government on the necessary programmes to be adopted to maximize growth prospects within a phased ...

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Letter: How can youths become entrepreneurs when they lack money and skills


The President David Granger government does not seem to have a comprehensive youth policy that deals with the problems affecting Guyanese youths today, namely, the lack of jobs for them.

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Letter: Childcare agency lacks the resources to respond to the number of child abuse cases reported

Representational Image

This is the third of our letters to mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

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Letter: Guyanese ‘were a lot better off the way we were before’


In the 1970s, I did my National Service at the Papaya Training Centre in the North West District, Region One.

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Letter: Where is Red Thread and the other once vocal groups who represent the poor?


During the time of the PPP/C Government, the public saw groups such as Red Thread, Guyana Human Rights and other women and social groups protesting over every issue under the sun about how hard life was for the poor, the single parent mothers, the grassroots women, the unemployed, etc.

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Letter: There needs to be more accountability and inclusive politics at City Hall


Statistics will show that a vast majority of APNU+AFC supporters are registered voters of the municipalities of Linden and Georgetown. With that in mind the central administration should pay serious attention to local administration in the said municipalities, especially the City of Georgetown, because of the size of the population, ...

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Letter: Issues that should have found ventilation before the Council were decided on beforehand


Permit me the space in your pages for an open letter to City Councillors. Eight months ago we assumed office as councilors of which a large part of our mandate is to consider the general welfare of the whole municipality, the Capital City, Georgetown.

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Letter: Limit 14% VAT on water, electricity to non-residential dwellings

Vat tax

As sure as there is a tomorrow, businesses will pass on to customers some portion of the input VAT costs related to electricity and water.

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Letter: Government should convene a bipartisan task force on the economy


Whatever small benefits that the 2017 Budget promises to bring to hard pressed Guyanese consumers will in all certainty be completely wiped off by the new taxation and fiscal measures announced by Finance Minister Winston Jordan in his budget presentation to the National Assembly.

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