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Venezuelan drowned in the Cuyuni River

Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding a 32-year-old boathand drowning on Monday afternoon after the boat he along with 3 other men were travelling in, sunk in the Cuyuni River.
Information received suggests that the missing man has been identified as Orlando Jose Morales Rojas, 32 of Puerto Das, Venezuela.

According to reports, Rojas, and three other men, who are all Venezuelans were travelling in a motor boat from Eldorado, Venezuela to San Martin, Venezuela to sell fuel.

At the time, their boat was fetching 15 barrels of fuel.

However, while on the Cuyuni River, the boat began to experience problems, resulting it in sinking altogether.

While the three other Venezuelans were able to save themselves, Rojas went missing in the water.

Searches for his body have proved futile.

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