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mahdia flood

Mahdia under flood water, some 500 homes affected

Heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours and Friday morning resulted in Mahdia in Region Eight, (Potaro-Siparuni) being flooded.

Region Eight Regional Chairman, Bonaventure Fredericks, had disclosed that in some parts of Mahdia the water level on the roadway is approximately four feet deep.

Some 500 homes are affected and road access to the airstrip has been cut off, however there has been no report of damages to residents’ properties except for a mechanic shop which is under three feet of water.

The Civil Defence Commission to be on the alert and prepared for any emergencies. Director General CDC, Retired Colonel, Chabilall Ramsarup, has confirmed that the CDC was contacted about the situation in Mahdia. He explained CDC is awaiting the update of the assessment from the Region to determine what the necessary interventions.

Residents and businesses have been urged to relocate to higher ground as a result of previous flood in some parts of the region but they have ignored those calls.

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