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Ramjattan must ‘take responsibility’ for Camp Street disaster – Jagdeo

The attempts by government to “absolve themselves of responsibility” for what happened at the Camp Street Prison, which was destroyed by fire during Sunday’s jailbreak, have not gone unnoticed, according to Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

“He (Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan) has to take responsibility just like in the past when they used to call on PPP ministers, when there was a problem,” Jagdeo said at a news conference, held yesterday, at his Church Street office.

He noted that there have been several calls for Ramjattan to resign. “Maybe he should consider it (resigning) or (President David) Granger should consider firing him at this point in time.”

However, Jagdeo noted that “the traits of incompetence” have not been displayed by Ramjattan alone, rather it is the entire government. “Had it been only Ramjattan that exhibited these traits of incompetence alone, then we could have confined the call to Ramjattan, but it is the entire government,” the Opposition Leader said.

He also rapped Ramjattan for “blaming sugar” for the lack of resources to undertake prison system reforms. According to him, sugar has become the “whipping horse” of the government for most everything.

Ramjattan’s comments were chalked up to “arrant nonsense” by Jagdeo. “Sugar now seems to be the source of all our problems,” he said.

The Opposition Leader noted that hours after the Camp Street crisis, what was expected was a serious and non-partisan response. “Photo ops, press conferences and speeches are meaningless without substance,” he said.

“He has to take responsibility,” Jagdeo reiterated.

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