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Prison Director admits that inmates kept in ‘walled area’ at Lusignan prison have been injured during fights

There have in been fights in the walled open field, adjacent to the Lusignan Prison complex, where over 500 inmates from the Camp Street Prison are being kept – the others having been moved to other prisons, while several have been released.

Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, at a news conference, held yesterday, disclosed that in addition to the fights, at least one prisoner was shot after guards spotted him on the wall securing the Lusignan Prison, in an alleged attempt to escape.

On the issue of the fights, he noted that prisoners who suffered injuries were treated on site, since the injuries were not life threatening.

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Samuels admitted that the prisoners have improvised weapons, however, these have not been seized by officers. He explained that the ‘walled area’ is a wide field and the inmates have reportedly buried weapons, making a search difficult.

The Prisons Director added too that a search of the inmates, who are being held in less than desirable conditions – on a tarmac, under sheds, with basic facilities – may provoke tensions among the more 500 inmates from the Camp Street jail. “They are burying some of the improvised weapons they have in their possession, so it is difficult for us to conduct those searches in an adequate way because of the resistance we are getting from them and I am quite sure it will not be a sensible thing to provoke the situation,” he said, before adding that searches will be conducted at the appropriate time.

Notably, the inmates from the Camp Street Prisons are being kept separately from the prison population at Lusignan.

Of the over 1,000 Camp Street inmates: 83 prisoners were sent to the Mazaruni Prison; 90 to New Amsterdam Prison; 48 to the Timehri Prison; and 151 to the Lusignan Prison. Additionally, Public Security Minister, Khemrak Ramjattan has granted early release to 57 persons. Also, magistrates have granted self-bail to 26 others, while eight posted bail, which was reduced from the initial sum set.


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