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Another jailbreak: 13 dangerous criminals on the run, authorities still to provide clarity on the situation

With four, of six confirmed, criminals still on the run, having escaped the destroyed Camp Street Prison, another 13 have escaped the Lusignan Prison, sometime between Sunday night and this morning.

Just before noon today (July 24, 2017), the Guyana Police Force (GPF) released the names of the 13 prison escapees. They include:
1. Clive Forde (Murder)
2. Teshawn McKenzie (Armed Robbery)
3. Winston Long (Armed Robbery)
4. Kerry Cromwell (Murder)
5. Pascal Smith (Murder)
6. Odel Roberts (Murder)
7. Kendell Skeete (Murder)
8. Paul Goriah (Robbery/ Murder)
9. Jamal Forde (Robbery/ Murder)
10. Jamal Joseph (Inflicted grievous bodily harm)
11. Rayon Jonas (Discharged loaded firearm)
12. Jason Howard (Murder)
13. Shawn Harris (Murder)

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of the Presidency, President David Granger and members of the National Security Committee (NSC) are currently being briefed on the latest report of a prison break at the Lusignan Prison.

The high-level committee is being briefed by Director of Prisons, Mr. Gladwin Samuels and Heads of the Joint Services at the Joint Operations Centre.

Last Friday, Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud noted that the Joint -Services (JS) are continuing the intelligence led manhunt to recapture the four prison escapees.

The Commissioner said that the JS operations are being intelligence driven. He pointed out that it was this intelligence that led to the heavily armed police ranks, on Thursday morning, engaging one of the remaining four prison escapees, Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander, aback Port Mourant/ Ankerville, Corentyne.
According to Commissioner Persaud, the escapee may have been wounded after he was seen. Following an exchange of gunfire, the escapee fled into the backlands with the JS members in hot pursuit.

The Commissioner made an appeal to the relatives of the escapees to avoid confronting the police and assist them. He reiterated calls to the escapees for them to “come in.

Asked to comment on the reported incident at the Skeldon Public Hospital where several men, suspected to be the escapees, visited seeking treatment for one (man) with a gunshot wound.

Persaud explained that all protocols were followed and police ranks were notified. Investigations subsequently revealed, that the men were in fact Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) officers.

One had suffered a gunshot wound accidentally and was treated and discharged.

The Commissioner further explained that medical authorities are duty bound to report any suspected gunshot wounds and this has led to the speculation about the men’s identities.

After fire destroyed the Camp Street Prison, a fire that the Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels. said was a distraction for the jailbreak, six men were confirmed as escapees.

The others – over 1,000 men – were moved to a ‘walled area’ in a field adjacent to the Lusignan Prison. Since then, several of the prisoners have been transferred to other prisoners – some to Mazaruni, Timehri, New Amsterdam and others inside the Lusignan Prison.

The others, including the 13 who have since escaped, remained in the field awaiting relocation.

Already, given the conditions in which they were being kept, there was an attempt to burn down the Lusignan Prison. Burning lamps were thrown at wooden sections of the Prison after a night of heavy rains, flooded the field where the prisoners were being kept.

Other than the release of names and information regarding the National Security Committee meeting, the authorities are still to provide clarity on the situation.

Citizens are asked to remain vigilant and to cooperate with law enforcement officers.

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