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Injured Soca Artiste Destra on the Mend After Falling on Stage

Yuh can’t keep a good woman down.”

Those were the fighting words of soca artiste, Destra Garcia, who is back home in Trinidad and Tobago recovering from an ankle injury she recently sustained during her performance in Bermuda last week.

Garcia underwent surgery at the St Clair Medical Hospital over the weekend.

In a message to fans on social media, the Queen of Bacchanal, assured fans she was on the road to recovery and would rebound “badda” than ever.

“Could have been worse…I’m OK…I’m on the road to recovery you guys! It’s been a crazy 72 hrs. I want to thank everyone who kept me in their prayers – fans, friends and colleagues – during this time; all your love and messages of a speedy recovery kept me strong. Thanks for reminding me how tough I was when I needed to hear it the most,” Destra said.

“It’s only up from here tho…I’m stronger than a lion…Yuh can’t keep a good woman down lol…well…not for long!”

Last Wednesday, while performing at the Cup Match Summer Splash event in Hamilton, Garcia was walking forward and talking to the crowd when she fell on the stage and sustained a broken ankle.

The soca artiste admitted that she endured significant pain and was afraid.

But she praised medical personnel from Bermuda, Canada, Trinidad for their thorough care.

“I will be back on my feet in no time…because, as you know, one must fall to rise again. Like a Phoenix, out of the ashes, look out!!! ah BADDA when ah come back!!! I love you all.”

Meanwhile, organizers of the Cup Match Summer Splash concert described the incident as “very unfortunate” and wished Destra a speedy recovery.
(Caribbean 360)

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