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Gov’t obsessed with spending on itself – Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo is becoming increasingly perplexed by the Government’s spending pattern given claims that it does not have money to pump into other critical sectors.
“There is a lot of extravagance in this Government. The Government seems to be obsessed with spending on itself,” he stated during a press conference on Thursday.

He was at the time responding to reports that Government intends to ban single mothers from working the night shift in the security sector.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has since clarified that Government has not made any such decision however Minister with responsibility for labour Keith Scott had announced his intention to do so.

Nonetheless, Jagdeo argued that if the Government truly cares about single mothers then it can adopt visionary policies like what the PPP had implemented such as the provision of low interest loans through the Women of Worth (WOW) programme.

He also suggested the provision of better daycare facilities and other areas, which will enhance the welfare of single mothers or provide a social safety net for their children.

The former President argued that if the government truly cared about single mothers, it would not have disbanded the $10,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant initiative.

He went on to bash the Administration for spending money in all the wrong places, such as the millions being pumped into unnecessary renovation at the Ministry of the Presidency and the expansion of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Opposition Leader even contended that Government could use the millions it is spending on unnecessary renovations and purchase more buses to give to children for transportation to schools.

Government already faced widespread criticism for its handling of the country’s finances, with the mother of all wasted expenditure being the Durban Park project.

Jagdeo lamented that these extravagance seem to be the priority of the Government while the poor and dispossessed are benefiting from nothing under APNU+AFC governance.

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