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GAWU’s Diwali Message 2017

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is once again pleased to join with all Guyanese and especially our Hindu community, to celebrate Diwali, widely regarded as the Festival of Lights.

The Diwali observances give us an appropriate occasion to urge that the light of peace, tolerance, understanding and compromise in today’s conditions lighten our pathways and guide us in our daily lives. Like the thousands of Diwali diyas in many regions which will light up the darkness of the night, let our existence be unobstructed by the darkness that and prevent our development and well-being.

The Diwali celebration is one that today transcends one community and is supported nationally. The symbol of the lighted diyas is not only lovely to behold in the evening but it impacts the message of the value of spiritual enlightenment in our collective efforts to bring about conditions for our peace of mind and a satisfying life.

With such sentiments in mind, GAWU is encouraged by the usually wide interest shown in the expectedly dazzling celebrations that are traditionally associated with Diwali.

GAWU is aware of the current differences surrounding the actual dates for this year’s Diwali celebration but do earnestly hope that this would not detract from full participation in the festivity nor will it serve in any way to obscure its enduring significance.

We wish all the practitioners of the Hindu faith, and indeed, all Guyanese a happy and enjoyable Diwali, the festival of lights.

Let the lights, at this time, light up our pathway to harmony, economic well-being and our general upliftment.

Happy Diwali

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