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Letter: The AFC and the other Parties in the APNU are like an abused spouses

Just around ten days ago, I penned a piece which was published in your newspaper on the 26th Oct, 2017, captioned “AFC statement on GECOM chairman confirmed its irrelevance in coalition” where I cited, among other things, the fact that the AFC was not consulted on such an important national issue as the appointment of the GECOM chairman and that the AFC has no nominee representative as a commissioner of GECOM as the bases for my assertion.

Fast forward just nine days later and no other than the President of Guyana who heads a coalition with the AFC under the APNU-AFC government not only publicly confirms in unabashedly unequivocal words that the AFC is irrelevant but goes further by saying that the AFC is without the capable leadership Guyana needs.

Granger speaking at the 5th Biennial Conference of the People’s National Congress Reform – North American Region being held in Atlanta, Georgia, United States made two important statements. First, he said of the PNC that “(n)o other party at this time or in the future can give Guyana the quality of leadership …”. Second, “(t)he PNC is the face of the future…”. It could not be any clearer and I need not say anything else to advance this contention any further. None other than President Granger has closed this case.

It is, however, interesting that Granger denigrates the quality of leadership capacity of the AFC since its leaders hold positions as ministers of government which includes none other than his son-in-law Dominic Gaskin who is an executive member of the AFC. This is the part where young people would write “LOL” and #iwouldashame #iwouldastoptalktomyfatherinlaw. On Granger’s statement questions now need to be raised whether the AFC leaders are the best persons to hold ministerial positions in the government.

It is also interesting that Granger in those very statements also disregarded publicly the other parties which form the APNU. Nevertheless, after reading those statements, the AFC and the other parties which comprise the APNU will shamelessly tuck their tail between their legs and say “no is not true” and/or “he didn’t mean that” like an abused spouse who always makes an excuse for the abuser in a relationship which almost always ends in tragedy. The AFC and the other parties in the APNU are irrelevant and without the quality of leadership Guyana needs – Granger said so.

Charles S. Ramson, Attorney at Law

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