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Protesters calls for Mayor and Town Clerk’s resignations

The Mayor and Town Clerk should be arrested! They should be forced to resign!” Those were the words by a group of protesters who stood in front of City Hall on Thursday claiming that the Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk, Royston King participated in an act to “cover up” an alleged incident where a City Constabulary officer is accused of performing a sexual act sometime in August on a juvenile.
According to the protesters, King only opted to report the matter to the Police during the latter part of October after being aware of the incident for approximately two months.

“It is not the Town Clerk’s place to say that he will investigate a matter of this nature. This is rape. It was a 15-year-old boy. That child is not of age to give consent! The Town Clerk should be arrested and placed before the courts! The Mayor knew about it too. They should step down from their post,” one woman told the media.

The protesters questioned whether the Mayor and Town Clerk were above the law, since according to them, their words seem to be falling on deaf ears.

“Are they above the law? They realise that elections is just now. Do they think we will vote for them?”

The small gathering reiterated their calls for the Guyana Police Force to step in and arrest Chase-Green and King as they acted as “accessories to a crime after the fact.”

It was previously reported that Lance Corporal, Clifton Pellew- attached to the city constabulary- was accused for performing a sexual act on a 15-year-old child who had been detained at a Regent Street Outpost for “wandering.”

This incident reportedly occurred some time between August 22 and August 23.

The matter was reportedly brought to light after another constable reported the issue claiming that he had witnessed the act.

However, King had insisted that an internal investigation be conducted and as such had reportedly conducted an interview with the alleged victim.

The Town Clerk then came under fire when Former Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan questioned whether he should be disciplined since after the interview, he failed to submit a report to the Legal Affairs and Security Committee- which Duncan heads.

“I am blindsided, utterly surprised, shocked and disgusted as a Councillor and Chairman of the Legal Affairs and Security Committee that a matter which was submitted to the Committee, and which the Committee is still sensed of is being dealt with now unilaterally. Why now? The Town Clerk interviewed the alleged victim in his office and submitted no report to the Committee on what transpired should he be sent home as well? ‘Justice is fallen the streets and truth can cannot enter,” Duncan had said in a Facebook post.

The accused was dismissed from his duties on October 17 and Police Commander, Marlon Chapman, confirmed that his division is heading the investigation after they received a call from the Office of the Town Clerk on the same date.

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