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Anil Harm

Harmon secretly removed as Cabinet Secretary

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon was secretly removed from his post as Cabinet Secretary after being called out about its unconstitutionality by Dr Roger Luncheon.

Dr Luncheon, had argued that Harmon’s occupancy of the post of Cabinet Secretary while being a member of a political party violated the Constitution.

Article 117 of Guyana’s Constitution states that there shall be a Secretary to the Cabinet “whose office shall be a public office”.

Even in face of criticisms, Harmon maintained that his dual- position was constitutional.

However, documents have since surfaced showing that Harmon was secretly replaced by Edward Persico as the Cabinet Secretary.

Former Attorney General, Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall is now questioning when this decision was made and why was it made. He is also calling on the Government to explain about why it was done in secrecy.

“Is it because of the Constitutional query raised by Dr Roger Luncheon recently? Is this not information to which the public is entitled? Why was this not disclosed at the post Cabinet press briefings?” he expressed in a public statement.

Nandlall is also questioning what are the terms & conditions of services and remuneration package of the new holder of the Office.


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