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Letter: Guyana has always being plagued by external interference, quite to its detriment

Guyana has always been a stomping ground for The Big and Powerful Colonial and neo-colonial superpowers, plagued by international interference for decades, with most of it, to the detriment of this country.

As far back as our entrance into adult suffrage and self rule the superpowers dogged our path. Our History lessons are inundated with these facts. At one time in history our fledgling democracy was cut short by the physical removal of the elected head of government. The situation got so bad that the premier and his wife were imprisoned so as to get them out of the way and the establishment of a puppet regime that would carry out their commands.

Theirs is the backward view that Guyana cannot effectively govern itself except by their dictates, their tutelage. In fact when you trace their actions under the microscope their real objective is that a certain race and or party should not, I repeat, should not govern Guyana. It is as crystal clear as that! No matter how successful that party is in government, it is not good enough for those superpowers, their preference lies in the field of puppets and people with no brains nor intelligence. Pathetic! Therefore there is this constant meddling in our domestic affairs ad infinitum. A sick and sad story but it is all happening right here in Guyana. Our country never really got a head start at good and lasting governance on its own. For the above reasons this has been our problem for a long while now, foreign interference coupled with a total breakdown of law and order.

Good governance is something Guyana has been yearning for, got it for a brief period in the 1960’s then lost it to the corrupt PNC. That respite was regained in 1992 wherein we enjoyed 23 years of peace, progress and economic bliss. Then, The External Powers taught it best that a change should be effected in this country. Their’s was the erroneous view that The PPP/C was too powerful and corrupt – no real evidence to prove their case – but, based on the most spurious of claims The PPP/C became a corrupt party. So the next logical thing to do was to get them out of power. Change did come with the set up of a new regime The Coalition. Well, it was not totally new, but, new in terms of a few new faces who crossed the floor. Nevertheless, we are snugly back into the arms of The PNC. This is our story.

It was a long drawn out process starting out with The Opposition’s rumblings, then on to the poison laced propaganda by most of the local media. They fed the nation daily doses of propaganda that the sensibilities of The People became benumbed. Every day you could hear in – print and electronic media – how corrupt The PPP/C Government had become.

Meantime their Big Wig Overseas Friends stepped up a campaign of their own with programmings, schemes, intrigues and downright lies which rendered The PPP/C helpless to govern this country. Ultimately, they were at the mercy of the local and foreign hounds. Well, as sure as night follows day The PPP/C did lose the fight to the foreign forces and in came The PNC.

We are cognizant of that superpower’s position, they are caught in a serious bind where their “most preferred party in government” is a colossal failure and as such they are totally embarrassed and fed up with The Granger Cabal. Economically we are at its worse, a stagnant economy with no new investment. The poverty index is rising exponentially with its consequent ills. We are doomed!

The PNC Led Coalition has also broken every rule in the constitution, where do we go from here is a foregone dubious conclusion. We are destined for serious economic and social disaster of epidemic proportions, more fearsome than the Burnham years.

So, they have a mega-problem on their hands and that is, what can those superpowers do to stem the tide of destruction in this country? What can they do for damage control? What I see happening is a subtle way to embarrass the regime and it has come by way of exposing a few drugs persons at their ports of entry. They are holding up a few “mini drug barons” here and there in order to put them down. This may look good in the short term, but, The People of this country want long term solutions, we are looking at the bigger picture of returning to free and fair elections so that we can breathe again. Holding a few drug mules here and there will not change anything. This PNC Led Coalition would only be jolted to reality in a system that is free and fair, and I am talking about plans, policies and a system for a proper election.

We are also well aware of the fact that the stage is set for rigging, Mr Patterson was set up to command a system of rigging. There is no question in our minds about that. So let us begin at the heart of the problem, let us get right back there. Elections! O yes elections free and fair and free from fear, the reintroduction of it. That begins with the rescinding of the appointment of this old man from the post of GECOM Chairman. Not a hard task, but let us get back on to the beaten path of The Carter Formula. Mr Granger has eighteen (18) names from which to choose from, and we encourage him to hurriedly get on with The Nation’s Business and do so.

Neil Adams

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