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PPP has confidence in the PPC, contrary to media reports – Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Tuesday slammed assertions made in the media that his party- the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)- has “lost confidence in the Public Procurement Commission (PPC)”.

“I’ve seen in some parts of the media, it’s reflected that we, the PPP does not have confidence in the Public Procurement Commission and that characterization is very unfortunate,” he said.
According to Jagdeo, while the PPP does not agree with several findings of the PPC report on the $605M Ansa Mcal drug scandal and the pace in which investigations are conducted, the party “has great confidence” that the Commission will do its job professionally.
“…now we may have reservations about the pace with which the PPC does its work and we may not agree on every finding but we will continue to work with this body. We will continue to supply information to the PPC to expose the serious acts of corruption taking place in Guyana by this Government and we [our party] participated in the formation of the PPC so even with those reservations we have not lost confidence in the PPC,” he asserted.
As Jagdeo lamented on some of the reservations his party has with regards to the final report of the Commission on the drug scandal, he posited that too many excuses were provided instead of observations.
“You can’t [make an excuse] why you had to go to Ansa Mcal, you found it illegal, it was illegal but oh IPA had some trouble with the Government and New GPC is buying all the way from India so it might not come in time, that’s not the role of the PPC…You just state if you had procured it properly, the likelihood is that you would have saved $200m on a $605M contract…”
In March of this year, on the heels on moves by the Political Opposition to question Government on the $605M drug scandal in the National Assembly, the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) disclosed that they have launched an investigation into the sole sourcing scandal.
Chair of the PPC, Carol Corbin, in a statement had said that the Commission is probing the procurement of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, specifically by the Georgetown GPHC, in keeping with its functions as detailed in Article 212 (AA) (1) of the Constitution. In the statement, the PPC stated that it is, “In the process of collecting and reviewing relevant information from various stakeholders within the national procurement system, and will conduct interviews and examine documentation as deemed necessary.”

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