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Security guard robbed on his way to work

A 47-year-old security guard was on Sunday evening robbed along the Rome Access Road, McDoom, East Bank Demerara while on his way to work.
According to information received, the incident occurred at around 19:50 hrs as the security guard was on his way to his place of work- identified as Doosan Company.

The victim was reportedly proceeding west along the said road, enroute to work on foot, when he was attacked by three men from behind.

He told police that he felt a “chuck” and fell on his back and it was then that he saw two unmasked men standing over him on BMX bicycles.

The bandits reportedly commanded the man to turn over his cash and valuables. However, when he told them he didn’t have any money, one of the men pulled out a black gun from his pant’s waist while the other drew a knife.

The suspect brandishing his knife proceeded to search the security guard’s pocket and relieved him of one Blu mobile phone- valued at $20,000- $80,000 in cash, one pair spectacles valued at $13,000 and a haversack valued at $3,000.

They then fled the scene east along the said road.

Investigations are ongoing.

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