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Letter: The backwardness of the regime

I was looking for a suitable word to describe this present government but came up empty handed, the only available word I could muster was “backward.” Yes, when you look at their record in governance it leaves much to be desired.

The PNC Led Coalition inherited a buoyant economy with everything on the upward trajectory, our country saw ten years of continuous growth. Even when the previous government’s hands were tied and nothing substantial could have been done by them, Guyana still experienced growth, that is, growth in personal people as well as national development. This present government came into power with all the groundwork already prepared for them, so it was an ideal situation where they were expected to build on that foundation already laid, but this was not to be.

As a starting point Guyana was blessed by the PPP/C Government in the installation of affordable, and reliable power generation. Something this country longed for but kept eluding them due to the poor handling of the economy by the PNC. I am speaking of The PPP/C’s bringing us out of the hellish situation of constant blackouts and no reliable power. Power to run our homes, our business, our industries, everything dependent on a cheap and reliable power supply. Without reliable power we were going nowhere as a people, nowhere as a nation. For this I commend The PPP/C for bringing us into modernity and a better life.

What we see happening right now is a return of those days, those “PNC Days.” It is as if we have made a total 180o turnaround and are back snugly into that place of darkness. As someone rightly remarked “this government is a government of darkness,” and I most certainly concur because darkness is the day and doomed the economy, there is no other way to describe it.

And the real reason for that abysmal failure is the fact that this government came into power on a backward economic principle, that is, getting rid of all those persons who they claim are PPP/C Supporters. How much more dense a thought can this be when you can get rid of qualified, successful personnel, persons brought positive change to this country? If this is not utter foolishness then what is! All governments – and that is if they are wise – welcomes the skilled and progressive brains in its midst, to do otherwise makes you foolish and this is the problem with The PNC Dominated Government in Guyana.

The removal of the qualified personnel at our sole energy provider has spelt doom to our country. The energy sector and by extension the wider economy has seen a change for the worse. Just a cursory glance at their management capabilities it stinks to the high heavens.

Finally, Christmas is here and one has the eerie feeling that if this spate of blackouts might not be a tacit way of encouraging the bandits to carry out their nefarious deeds with impunity? But then again I must face the inevitable fact that “the boys” make their heist at high day. I might very well be making a wishful thought because in the present scenario thieves and bandits make their successes in broad daylight and with no energy to power the cameras would be transformed into another hell on earth.

Neil Adams

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