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Speakers attempts to censor opposition during debates

At the conclusion of the presentation by opposition parliamentarian Collin Croal, the Speaker of the House Dr Barton Scotland demanded he withdraw the reference made to the PPP sponsored motion on the proposals for the 2018 budget.

The Speaker’s demands comes even though Croal would have made brief reference to the motion in the beginning of his speech.

Croal challenged the government to support the motion which the opposition had tabled which has proposals to stimulate the economy. He then continued with his presentation.

However, the House Speaker posited only at the end of his speech that he the reference must be withdrawn.

“The motion was rejected for publication and use in this House,” he stated.

Opposition Chief Whip Teixeira rose on a point of order but was told by the Speaker to take her seat as he will “deal” with her later.

Teixeira decried that the opposition is being censored as their is no infringement of the parliamentarian making reference to the document regardless if it was considered by the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Croal in his speech criticised the government members for bypassing of the Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) controlled by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and called on the Minister of Communities to teach their representatives right from wrong.

“We will work together but you must recognize where authority lies,” he told the government parliamentarians.

He added “pay more attention to your Regional Executive Officers. They must recognize that the RDCs are the authorities of the region.”

He also noted that the Local Government Commission finally commenced its work but pointed out that the process of its may establishment have been democratic.

“There is a question mark on the appointment of one of the members of the Commission,” he stated.

Croal explained that one of the members was supposed to be appointed through a consultative process and in proving that this was not done, the parliamentarian asked Bulkan to state when was the talks with the local democratic organs.

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