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Chandarpal condemns rebranding of LCDS, blames Gov’t for upsurge in crime

The unnecessary rebranding of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDs), the burdensome tax measures and the upsurge in crime are some of the points of criticisms made by veteran politician and advocate, Ms. Indra Chandarpal.

Chandarpal during her budget debate, reprimanded the Government for wasting precious time in rebranding the LCDs to the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS).

“Guyana is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and we need strong and prompt action to strengthen our resilience,” she explained.

Chandarpal said “we need to seek high levels of funding to protect ourselves as we did under the LCDs. Developing another national strategy at this stage with a green stamp on it is just for legacy.”

Highlighting some of the measures previously proposed under the GSDS, the parliamentarian questioned exactly how many persons benefited.

“How many persons have benefited from exemption of wind and solar energy, custom duties and taxes on machinery and equipment to set up charging stations for electric vehicles,” as she proved that the strategies are not effect nor do they impact a large section of society.

Chandarpal also spoke about the overall good life promise as she explained that Guyanese truly are still waiting for such a life to be delivered.

With increased taxes and a lack of incentives, she noted that the cost of living has gone up.

She said the VAT on water and electricity have added salt to wounds in addition to the 200 different taxation measures and increases on fees.

She noted also that the removal of subsidies on electricity and water was a real blow to pensioners who only received a $500 increase this year m

“It is inconceivable to talk about the good life when you have saddled the nation with all these taxes, failed to turn economy around because of poor economic policy decisions and mismanagement,” she stated.

Chandarpal noted also that for those who are earning a steady income, they are constantly worried about being the victim of robbery.

“People are fed up with the constant attack on their property and their lives. Something as simple as going to the seawall and walk becomes dangerous,” she stated, noting that the government has done nothing to address the upsurge in crime.

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