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Your own supporters are crying out – Teixeira tells Gov’t

Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira has made it pellucid that it is not the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) alone, which has a problem with the 2018 Budget.

“It’s not that PPP has a problem, we are grounded in the people. The people are crying out, your own supporters are crying out and we will show you in 2020, because it will change,” she charged.

Teixeira read brief statements from two major private sector bodies including the Georgetown Chambers and the Private Sector Commission – both of which has criticised some aspects of the budget.

Teixeira also referred to commentator Chris Ram, who pointed out that this government has the largest adminstration with the fewest technocrats with the highest cost on the budget.

The Opposition Chief Whip also reprimanded the Government for alleged racial discrimination by replacing many Indo-Guyanese with Afro-Guyanese.

“Only conclusion can be a State-instituted ethnic political discrimination exclusion,” she told the House.

She also questioned the probable manipulation or irresponsible spending by the government. She explained that by August 20% of an agency’s budget is expended but by December it jumps to 90%. She questioned the possibility of this and further asked if it is a case where the relevant authorities suddenly turn into experts in order to maximize the spending.

Teixeira also lampooned the Government for not creating opportunities for jobs for the young people.

“Arches are lovely but you got to find jobs for people. D’Urban park – I can say its aesthetically pleasing – it’s a waste of money…you are not doing things that will bring activity for our people – economic activity. You are fiddling and diddling with the economy, you are not pushing this economy to stimulate it,” she posited.

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