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Monthly payouts, subsidies and more support for sugar workers when PPP returns to power

Better days will come” – former president and now Opposition Leader Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo has promised the thousands of sugar workers who are now feeling the full brunt of the politically induced decision to downsize the sugar industry.
“Better days will come to Guyana, do not lose heart because better days will come again to Guyana and even though things are extremely hard at this point in time, the PPP will promise to work with you and represent you through this period,” he stated during his first press conference for the new year.

Some of the initiatives he hopes to be rolled out are the payment of monthly financial support, subsidies, and other support like what communities such as Linden and Kwakwani received when their biggest economic activity was going through troubling times.

Last year, the APNU+AFC administration caused thousands of sugar workers to be jobless during the festive season of Christmas and New Year.
Unfortunately, a GuySuCo worker who was terminated as a result of the restructuring plans for the sugar industry even took his own life. His family said the 39-year-old man had not been himself since he received the news of his termination.

Jagdeo called on the government to ensure that those affected workers receive their severance as soon as possible and that they be granted lands and access to suitable training in order to maintain a decent livelihood post sugar.

At the same time, Jagdeo promised that those workers will be eligible for much more support when the PPP returns to power – optimistically in 2020.
He expressed hopes that not much damage will be done by then.

In fact, Jagdeo contended that he can restructure the 2018 Budget to include tremendous support for the sugar workers without affecting the economic growth projections and the fiscal deficit.

“The PPP could take the budget and restructure and save $30 billion more without compromising the growth objectives of country or harm people’s welfare because we believe the way money is programmed is wasteful,” he stated as he made reference to the fact that “discretionary funds” under the Prime Minister Office moved from $3.3M in 2014 to $105M in 2018.

In fact, Jagdeo said he can restructure the budget to ensure that all sections of people benefit such as the elderly through the restoration of the water and electricity subsidies and the children and parents through the “Because We Care” Cash Grant – without affecting the projections and objectives of the budget.


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