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Another ex-sugar worker commits suicide

Days after a former employee of the Guyana Sugar Corporation GuySuCo took his own life, reports are now surfacing that another retrenched sugar worker has also committed suicide.

On December 28 2017, Ramnarase Bissesar reportedly ingested a quantity of gramaxone.

According to information received, Bissesar was among the approximately 350 cane harvesters attached to the Wales Estate who was still waiting on his severance pay from GuySuCo.

Reports are that the man was in a state of desperation since he was laid off. On the day of the unfortunate incident, he reportedly told his wife that he wasn’t sure how he was going to live since he did not receive his severance payment and could not secure even a part-time job.

Bissesar then went to the upper flat of his home and consumed the poisonous substance. He was later discovered by his wife and rushed him to the West Demerara Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The other sugar worker who took his life was 39 year old Joseph Mohabir who reportedly hung himself.

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