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At least 25,000 jobs lost under APNU+AFC to date – Jagdeo

For almost three years the creation of an enabling environment for jobs creation and investments has been touted by President David Granger and his Finance Minister, Winston Jordan. To date there has been no job creation initiatives advanced by the APNU+AFC Government.

And today, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, disclosed that some 25,000 Guyanese have lost their jobs since APNU+AFC took office, the bulk of the job losses seen in the sugar sector with the mass firings of over 5,000 sugar workers. According to him, some 10,000 have lost jobs in the formal sector, while another 15,000 are jobless in the informal sectors.

“We are seeing massive job loss and this government says it is not our position to create jobs and we have no major job creating initiatives now,” Jagdeo said.

He acknowledged the comments from Dominic Gaskin, Business Minister and son-in-law of President David Granger, who claimed that some 5,725 jobs will be created in 2018. The Opposition Leader trashed these claims, noting that nothing has been done to realise such a goal.

Jagdeo also noted that Gaskin pegged potential investments at $157B and noted that this has been revised downward from Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo’s claim of investments worth $187B. “Even this is a fictitious figure,” he said of the $157B boast.

Leading up to the May 2015 regional and general elections, the APNU + AFC Coalition had promised that it would aim, “To create a new economy that will stimulate rapid development through Guyana’s transformation from a raw material producer to a manufacturer of value added goods and services.” To date, Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates have dropped from previous years, with rates for 2017 being revised twice due to the fact that targets were not met.

Looking at the economy in general, the former Finance Minister and President said, “Nothing is happening.”

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