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Granger distances himself from his own Advisor, Opposition’s questions on ExxonMobil contract remain unanswered

When your own Advisor starts saying that the contract is bad, something is wrong,” declared Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, today at a news conference held at his Church Street office. He quipped that when subject Minister, Raphael Trotman, “starts quoting scriptures, you know he is in trouble” and made clear that Guyanese continue to be witness to the “corruption and incompetence” of the Coalition Government in the oil and gas sector.

Presidential Advisor on Petroleum, Dr. Jan Mangal, at a University of Guyana (UG) forum, earlier this week, addressed the issue of the increasingly controversial ExxonMobil contract.

While he made clear that he will not public share his view on calls for the contract to be renegotiated, he did say that it can be renegotiated. He also stated that the two per cent royalty in the current contract is not the international norm, among other comments.

Meanwhile, a terse statement from the Ministry of the Presidency said: “The Ministry of the Presidency puts on record that Dr. Jan Mangal, Presidential Advisor on Petroleum, is not authorised to speak on behalf of His Excellency, President David Granger or the Government of Guyana.”

“The contract suffered from incompetence and maybe other things in the negotiations…they have messed up the whole industry already, because of corruption and incompetence. They are squandering what could be a great opportunity for Guyana,” Jagdeo stressed.

Meanwhile, several questions asked by the political Opposition remain unanswered. The APNU+AFC government is silent on: Who negotiated the new agreement on behalf of the Government? Was it the Minister, a technical group or a group of outside persons?; and How was the US$18M arrived at and what relation it has to the quantum of future oil production?

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