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Govt lacks policy driven approach – Guyanese Scholar

Renowned Guyanese Scholar Professor, Suresh Narine has criticised the Government for having a lack of policy driven approach to managing the economy.

He made the remark at a forum on oil and gas, which was being hosted at the Marriott Hotel.

“We lack a policy driven approach to governance,” Professor Narine stated.

He said “we need to immediately begin to embrace policy generation.”

The renowned Guyanese academic – who heads a Canadian oil and gas exploration company – was at the time speaking about how government should be spending oil revenues when it starts coming in, in 2020.

Notably, a recent IMF Report said Government lacked strong leadership.

The report said it may be helpful to prepare a roadmap of reforms and changes necessary between now and the start of production of oil.

Additionally, the Inter-American Development (IDB) Bank said there are several weaknesses in Guyana’s system to plan and implement projects.

According to the document, the ‘IDB Group Country Strategy with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana 2017–2021’, slow and often stalled disbursements were symptomatic of Guyana’s challenging institutional environment and the lack of strategic planning and vision at the highest level.

The document, prepared under the leadership of Country Manager, Sophie Makonnen, and other support staffers, noted that the problems resulted in inefficient planning across the project cycle, from design and financing to implementation and monitoring.

Government has been experiencing significant problems in implementing its Public Sector Improvement Programme (PSIP) which is characterised by major underspending in the public sector.

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