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Citizens’ Report

Citizens’ Report is an online media company that seeks to etch itself against different, and higher, benchmarks, as well as be a voice for the average Guyanese citizen. Apart from reporting on the current events of our great nation, we also provide a platform for Guyanese citizens to submit your own stories and photos, based on your experiences in everyday life in Guyana.

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In line with our vision, we intend to shift the paradigm on traditional media is aligned. We cater for every person to be heard. Our team is dedicated to drive this new spin on media and the way our readers receive news and information in Guyana.


Citizens’ Report Inc. is proud to announce we’re the first and only online media house in Guyana that offers so much more to our valuable advertisers. Additional to placing an advertisement on our website we create a company profile for our 10,000+ subscribers to view. Think of this as your own website within our website and this is absolutely free of charge. Yes folks you’re reading right it’s absolutely free of charge.


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